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Write on book of mormon big margins

Yesterday I posted about the 60 day Book of Mormon Challenge.

Today while I stayed home from church with my sick son, I found this fun new way to journal while you read the scriptures. It is called Scripture Journaling.

The idea is that you print out the entire Book of Mormon (standard size) on 8.5×11 paper so that you have huge margins to write in.

I just sent mine to the copy center and these are all the files [organized with printer instructions] that I gave them. These pages come from multiple sources and are listed at the bottom of the post.


book of mormon wide wargins

book of mormon journal wide margins

book of mormon journal coloring download PDF

book of mormon journaling in the marginsBook of mormon journal in wide margins

book of mormon journal coloring


Click here to see them all grouped together with printing instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much did this cost to print?

I found a print shop that would do it for .09/double-sided (which is a great deal if you have ever shopped around for printing prices). The binding costed $6. The entire 296 page book costed me about $35. If you are having a hard time finding a good deal on printing services, try a local university or school to see if they offer it.

Can I buy one from you?

Some people have asked that I sell these because cost of printing is too high in their area ($90+ yikes). However because the content is not my own, I cannot publish and sell these books. I can however put the downloads together and ship it to you then simply charge you for my time/cost in doing so.

For some of you it doubles your cost, but for others, it could save you money. I recommend calling your local print shop and printing it yourself with the instructions found here, but if it isn’t possible in your area, I am glad to help.  Just e-mail with your request.

color on book of mormon

This is what the $68 charge is for:

  • Cost of supplies $35
  • Time organizing papers in order $3
  • Time and gas traveling to printer, separate place for binding, and post office. $20
  • Shipping costs $10

Book of Mormon Journal Sources:

View All Compiled Files That I Used HERE for FREE

Cover – Ali Dastrup

Bubble Chart – Ali Dastrup and watermark Allison Kimball

Bookmark Reading Assignment –

Girl Profile “whose” quote – Allison Kimball

Book Title Pages – Ali Dastrup

Book of Mormon formatting – Brad Jackman

Articles of Faith –


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